We have a philosophy at Dutch Dressage that there is never a bad horse.   Misbehaviour usually has a root cause in a lack of understanding of a horses’ personality or something that needs to be identified in its background which can be cured.  Often, it’s a badly fitting saddle.   The results speak for themselves in our experience, a good saddle and a good fitter can turn a horse (and its rider) around.   Dutch Dressage is sponsored by Voltaire and Jess Cross who fits Voltaire saddles in the UK has just finalised a fitting with a new saddle for Alfie.  The saddles are custom made in France and many of our riders have changed to Voltaire with amazing results.  Saddle fitting is key to bringing our horses on and making them comfortable so that they can train and give their ultimate performance when competing.

If you would like to know more about Voltaire saddles please contact us for more information.